About Sunita Varma

Full name: Sunita Varma

Current title/company: Owner of Love By Dandu

Year that you started:2016

Educational background (school, training, majors, degrees, etc.): Masters in Business Administration and many IT certifications.

What was your first job out of college and how long did you hold that position?
I was hired as a Manager for an insurance company based out of Hyderabad. I was approached by the firm when they saw me as a presenter for the then Governor Mr.Rangarajan at his Darbar Hall where only International events were held.

Does what you studied in school apply to your current job? If not, where did you learn the skills you use at work?
What I studied to what I did for 20 years and what I do now has no direct contact but been a CEO for an IT Consulting firm in the US required been very presentable at all times. For me dressing up means ‘dresses’ and I felt the market missed the main element what every woman requires which is one exclusive stop shop for dresses.

Why the name Love By Dandu?
Dandu is my father’s family name and that’s the favorite word along side Love and that’s how Love by Dandu took existence. I have given my 3 year old son my Dad’s last name & all our properties are named Dandu and so is my brother’s business. Dandu has the most personal touch to the brand.

Tell us how you went about starting Love By Dandu. Did you always know that you wanted to run your own business?
I have always been an entrepreneur. I started my own business when I was 22 years old and ever since then I knew that entrepreneurship runs in my blood. Starting a business and making it into a successful one gives me more motivation to get even more creative. I have been in the IT world all my career and during the second quarter of 2016 made me switch career. I am a compulsive online shopper and I am sure there are millions of women around the world just like me that’s when I turned my addiction into my passion. Now I design, model & shop online but for my own brand.

In what ways has your blog and social media made an impact on your career and business?
There is no existence without the use of social media in today's time. Since lovebydandu is an online store, social media and blogging is a must.

How would you like to see your career/business evolve over the next year? Five years?
My family, My contacts & the all the beautiful women around me have inspired me to make lovebydandu the best online store. Whether my clients are looking for a day-to-day business wear or a special occasion weekend wear we have them all. From focused business women to the party going teenagers we have dresses that would make their day even more remarkable.

What is the best part of your job? What is the most challenging part?
Sitting in front of my computer to designing & dressing up all the beautiful women from around the world is a dream job to have and I am loving every bit of it. Nothing is a challenge but a steppingstone towards success.

Can you describe a little bit about what goes into your position? What's your day-to-day work life like?.

While I still run my IT company & real estate businesses in India, US & Dubai, lovebydandu is a baby that needs extra time. I generally work round the clock as the different time zones keep me up.

Any closing thoughts and advice?
Every day could be a new day depending on how you dress up. In my opinion a woman is the most beautiful creation of God & when styled they would be “dressed to kill”. When you dress up you automatically feel happy & a get a boast of confidence and that’s my dream to create a confident, strong & an independent personality out of a teenager, young lady & always a young woman…
I hope my brand will provide you what I have envisioned to provide.
Happy shopping & looking for a long term client in you!

Connect with Sunita Varma - [email protected]
(Interview By Times Media Group)